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Fanfiction Master List

Axis Powers: Hetalia


★ Relinquished || America/England || M || Smut/PWP || 6,369 || Completed!

    Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 ||

After one incident born from curiosity, England manages to find an alternative use for Busby's Chair. A de-anon from the kink meme.


Being a Dreamcatcher || Platonic: America/Canada || T || Fluff || 4,182

When America feels just a bit under the weather, Canada makes it a personal mission to find out what's wrong. It's time to play the part of the stronger brother.

Brotherhood || Platonic: America/Canada || T || Angst || 3,023

As certain events in Canada's life pass, he notices that he is always swathed in America's shadow every time. He doesn't know if he should resent his twin brother. Or himself, for that matter.

Colors || Germany/Australia || T || General || 7,327

After his landslide victory in the FIFA Group Elimination matches, Germany seeks a conversation with Australia. In turn, they find out a little bit more about each other and their own selves.

The Checklist || Platonic: America/Australia || T || General/Humor || 4,392

On a whim, America and Australia go all out for a full day of hijinks and misadventures. It was just them, the adrenaline, and then, the world.

Son of the Sun || Spain || T || General/Angst || 3,106

A character study of Spain as he lived through the yesteryears. The original prompt was "a look at modern Spain - anything re: him towards his politics, and all the changes he's been through over the centuries to bring him to what he is today".

Soundless Wings || America/England || T || Humor/Romance || 3,346

To somewhat assuage England's stress from work, America presents him the most unusual of treats - a ride in a hot air balloon.

Under One Sky || America, Australia, Canada, England || T || General/Fluff || 2,101 || @ Hetalia Sunshine

England watched them all arrive and leave, like the seasons. And eventually, it's time for another reunion.


Short and Sweet || Canada, America, England, Australia, Germany, Prussia, Denmark, Norway, Spain, and Lithuania || T || Various || 150

A small anthology of micro-fics based from a drabble meme, with each prompt having fifteen words or less.



★ Project O.B.I.T.O. || Obito/Rin || T || Romance/Fluff || 2,599 || HIATUS

    Chapter 1 ||

Obito manages to survive through the battle of Kannabi Bridge. How will his newfound presence affect the lives of the people around him?  AU, post-Kakashi Gaiden.

*** If you prefer certain characters or genres, please feel free to check out the corresponding tags. Thanks for looking! ***
Tags: fanfiction, for everyone's eyes, hey it's that good stuff, made of 101% dork concentrate

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