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Public Notice

This journal is a semi-


Posts of a more personal and questionable nature will be locked away for the sanity of the majority. Only my fanworks will remain public.

Please check out my master fic-list below if you're interested in my fanworks!

Do comment here if you're interested in friending me, especially if I know you from somewhere or we have a common fandom or two. I'd always like to get to know more people! 

★ All of my fanworks will revolve around Axis Powers: Hetalia and Naruto, as they are my current fandoms. I'm more active in the former right now, though.

★ I sincerely apologize if I don't update my journal all that often. Most of my updates will just consist of fanworks and the occasional ramble about real life, although the latter will rarely happen. I'll sometimes do memes if I have the time to spare, but I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon.

★ I'll always try my best to comment on everyone's posts. I do so most of the time, except when my time gets eaten by real life issues.

★ LJ cuts are our friends. C:

★ Be your quirky, nutty self! I'm usually open-minded and comfortable talking about lots of things that fall within the realm of reason.  

★ Still interested? Please comment and let the party begin!

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