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America » A wild AMERICA has appeared!

[fanfiction] Being Human

Title: Being Human

Author: didgeridoodle 
Rating: G
Genre: A bit of angst, but mostly fluff.
Characters: Chibimerica, England
Pairings: None.
Word Count: 2,576
Warnings: Some swearing on England's part.

Summary: All it takes is a single kiss to the cheek to prove that England is still human.

Notes: Written for the first day of usxuk 's Sweethearts Week. And in the nick of time, too.

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Australia » Sobbbbb.

XXI. Pimping this like whoa.

You guys have probably heard all about the floods in Australia, Brazil, and South Africa. Personally, it really breaks my heart to see things go down like that over there. It must be insanely hard to pick up the pieces and swallow living what remains of your day-to-day life when everything has been literally and metaphorically swept away. In some degree, I know how these people feel since Philippines has been prone to natural disasters like that since forever. Nothing's more close to hitting home than these kinds of things. Life still goes on, so let's do what we can to help them! :)

Please consider auctioning some of the offered fanworks over at qldfloodauction !  :) I'm also offering fics of at least 2,500 words to the three highest bidders. I'll be more than happy to tackle any pairing and character from Hetalia. I know that my fics aren't that much stellar compared to others, but if you have a little moolah to spare, please consider trying it out. I'll do my best for you guys!

Here's my thread if you're interested!

If you want to find out more, drop by this link. Several fundraiser efforts have been organized, so helping and giving aid is just a simple click away! Or you can send a special LiveJournal virtual gift and all proceeds will be dedicated to the flood victims. More information on that here!

If you wish to offer/buy some fanworks to raise funds for the victims of the Brazil floods, please take a gander over at helpbrazil2011 !

If there's a fandom auction going on for South Africa, please let me know!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Have a spectacular day, f-list! :)
Spain » Fierce!

[fanfiction] Son of the Sun

Title: Son of the Sun

Author: didgeridoodle 
Rating: T
Genre: General and a tiny dash of angst.
Characters: Spain-centric, cameos of Spanish civilians, Spanish ex-colonies, and the rest of the Bad Friends Trio.
Pairings: None.
Word Count: 3,106
Warnings: Some mentions of gore and violence.

Summary: A character study of Spain as he lived through the yesteryears.

Notes: This baby was written for reconquista over at himitsu_santa  's Secret Santa fanworks exchange. The original prompt was "a look at modern Spain - anything re: him towards his politics, and all the changes he's been through over the centuries to bring him to what he is today". Writing him was a blast; when you think about it, there's really more to him than being that country bumpkin we all love. I hope you enjoy this piece and I bid you happy holidays!

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Australia/America » SO SEXY IT HURTS!

[fanfiction] Soundless Wings

Title: Soundless Wings

Author: didgeridoodle 
Rating: T
Genre: Humor/Romance
Characters: America, England and some civilians.
Pairings: America/England
Word Count: 3,346
Warnings: Some swearing on England's part.

Summary: To somewhat assuage England's stress from work, America presents him the most unusual of treats - a ride in a hot air balloon.

Notes: Written for strawberryburst   over at usxuk 's Secret Santa exchange. I certainly hope that you enjoy this! Thank you so much for the prompts and happy holidays! :)

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England » Stop in the name of love!

[fanfiction] Relinquished [2/2]

Title: Relinquished

Author: didgeridoodle 
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut/PWP
Characters: England, America, and mentions of various other Nations.
Pairings: America/England, hints of World/England here and there.
Word Count: 3,076
Warnings: Swearing, masturbation, and very explicit chair sex.

Summary: After one incident born from curiosity, England manages to find an alternative use for Busby's Chair. A de-anon from the kink meme.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 1 || Chapter 2

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