It's the picture of a thousand sunsets.

It's the freedom of a thousand doves.

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America/Canada » Fuuuusion HA!

This journal is a semi-


Posts of a more personal and questionable nature will be locked away for the sanity of the majority. Only my fanworks will remain public.

Please check out my master fic-list below if you're interested in my fanworks!

Do comment here if you're interested in friending me, especially if I know you from somewhere or we have a common fandom or two. I'd always like to get to know more people! 

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Fanfiction Master List
Prussia/Germany » Reading porn together.

Please take a gander inside. Collapse )

Blogcrews, Claims, Stamps, And All That Good Stuff
All Nations » BOOYAH!
I'll bet you want to pinch those cute cheeks now, don't you? Collapse )


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